A new name, a new start

Salam dear readers!

We have some exciting news. You might have noticed that we changed our name. If you want to find out what’s going on, keep reading!

When I started this blog, I wanted to voice diversity, to show the world that there is so much more to read than books written by white cisgendered heterosexual men. This need came into existence when I realized during my literature studies that I never read about any characters that represented me. When I started out, I discussed books on here that I wanted to read, and I didn’t care as much about what I ‘should be’ reading according to a canon. This blog represents the journey I have taken to read more books written by marginalized groups and I will continue this journey.

After some time, I realized that there were not many projects like this going on but there was a lot of buzz around the word ‘diversity’. This made me reflect on this blog. As a critical feminist, I find it important to always learn, grow and improve. I observed that ‘diversity’ increasingly became an outer layer used for promotion instead of internal structures being changed.

Growing together with this blog, but also looking at what other projects were doing, I realized that ‘voicing diversity’ was no longer enough. We need to discuss voices from the margins. We love authors like Rupi Kaur and Khaled Hosseini, who have become commercial successes, and we won’t stop discussing those authors. But I want to expand this blog and discuss books that are lesser known as well. I also decided to expand the team with two amazing friends of mine: Meltem and Rania. Three people can read more books than one, right?

We want to eventually start a bookclub and collaborate with different platforms in order to reach more people and get everyone to read more diverse topics and authors. Especially in times like these, with the COVID-19 crisis on our hands, it’s nice to provide some content to take your mind off of it and escape outside while remaining in your house.

And last but not least, our name changed as well as our course. Now we’re called Books in the Margins and we have a completely new look to go along with all these new ambitions and insights. So, enjoy what’s coming and don’t hesitate to contact us about collaborations!

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