Hallo witte mensen

I have been quiet here for a while now. Not only was my life getting a bit more busier, it was also because I didn’t want to take any space not related to #blacklivesmatter and the book I had chosen that would be next up wasn’t suitable for that. I also didn’t want to just provide you with a list of books you can read to learn about racism (although I might still provide a list later on). You might say, I was searching for a way to contribute to your self-education (it’s not a debate, basic human rights are not up for debate) and do something productive to help.

This blog has always been about providing new perspectives and books for you to read that are outside of the white, straight, cis norm. I wasn’t going to change that now, but I think I was trying to find a more ‘productive’ way of contributing in the antiracist movement with this blog. So, here it comes. I gave away a copy of Hallo witte mensen written by Anousha Nzume. I didn’t want/need any extra followers, I just wanted you to tell me why you wanted to read this book. I think it’s also good to sometimes note that for yourself. Why do I want to read a specific book? I think self-education is very important, but not always accessible to all.

The give away was a while ago and I hope that some of you had the opportunity to buy the book yourself. Hallo witte mensen is a book that will help you understand what white privilege is. Spoiler alert: it doesn’t mean your life was easy!

Now  I would like to start discussing this book with you. I plan to share some summaries on social media, but I also want to have a space where we can discuss this book. So, you can request to be added to Slack by emailing me. Don’t worry if you don’t know how or what Slack is. It’s like a work WhatsApp with designated ‘channels’ for topics. That way you can stay on topic. There are also tutorials on how to use it (although it’s not super complicated so please don’t feel intimidated). Let’s dive deep into this topic together!

We can read the book together, we will talk about it one chapter at a time. Please feel that this is a safe place to ask your questions, but be mindful not to be offensive to anyone. Please buy the book if you can, start reading with me and request your access to Slack.

Let’s talk antiracism!

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